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PolyTrap® grease traps can be installed above ground sitting on the floor, or flush to the floor in concrete. The units are produced in a variety of sizes to satisfy virtually all requirements. Custom units available up to 350 gpm.

Our poly grease traps and grease interceptors are designed and engineered with a specially compounded material that out performs other plastic materials and steel units in most severe applications.

  • All units include removable baffle.
  • Low shipping costs compared to steel units.
  • Scientifically placed, removable baffles.
  • Flow control device included.
  • Complete inlet and outlet connections with standard replaceable bulkhead fittings
  • D-ring sealing gasket between cover and tank.
  • Matching cover with recessed bolt holes and stainless steel screws. HD diamond plate aluminum overlays available for foot traffic areas, please call for more information.
  • Easy-to-read installation instruction.
  • Strong and durable, yet light in weight to make handling and installation less demanding.
  • All products can ship via UPS ground or overnight.
  • Certified to the exacting standards of PDI.
  • Listed by other local code authorities and national standards groups such as IAPMO.
  • Leak-proof, seamless constructed tank, manufactured with high-quality material that provides enhanced stiffness in combination with impact-resistant properties.
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and install – yet durable and sturdy to withstand the most rigorous applications of the plumbing industry.
  • The unique resin used allows for use in applications requiring high temperature continuous service. No comparable material like it.
  • Smooth, nonstick surface allows for easier and more complete cleaning. Surfaces discourage bacteria buildup.
  • Superior to metal, fiberglass, or specially treated materials that are promoted as "preventing corrosion". PolyTraps® grease traps include a completely integrated surface guaranteed not to corrode, chip, peel or leach.
  • High value for you. Special Order Extensions are available for units to meet grade level. The PolyTrap® Interceptor grease traps are produced in a variety of sizes to satisfy virtually all requirements.

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